Discos Independientes: Artista: Fer Mercadal (Arg.) + Suzuka (Japan)
  • Artista: Fer Mercadal (Arg.) + Suzuka (Japan)

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    Artista: Fer Mercadal (Arg.) + Suzuka (Japan)

    simple/ split "Nanodia - No pudo ser"

    "Suzuka is a recording project from a female artist based in Tokyo.
    Started making music in her own bedroom at the age of 18 just for herself to keep her mind balance, suzuka has been intensively creating her tracks ever since.
    The tracks suzuka makes express the mixed feeling of joy and deepness, some tracks sound like children's toy-box being turned over and all the colourful toys are scattered around, and the others give us the insight to her minimal tech-housey elements structured with her original beats and the texture of tones."

    "El escenario es Fer Mercadal y sus instrumentos, el resto es música. Con un lenguaje propio carente de sílabas transmite climas abrazadores y ánimos que se impregnan. Lleva al under cordobés una cuidada combinación de guitarras y sonidos haciendo conversar al post punk con la realidad electrónica bajo luces de colores alternativos"

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